Technology is more of a curse than a blessing in the workplace. Do you agree?

Our degree of intense advancement with a core motto of comfort and speedy ways in our daily lives is merely a never-ending desire for technology in our workplaces. Yes, the vigorous need and vague materialistic thoughts have brought our workplace in front of quick access to assessment in technology. And this technology has overpowered our workplaces. We have been the spontaneous receiver of the ineffable blessing from the task of the technological workplace. Instead of the simple harmony between the technology and workplace, we have been cursed by overwhelming technology. In the running era of modernization, techno-education and technology both in a dominant way have created havoc in the smooth and frictionless path of ongoing working at huge workplaces.

The palpating facet of the new and advanced technology being dominant at workplaces is mostly dissipating the agents that have been hugely taking as a counteract part for the curse like the disease of cancer where the carcinogenic agents take the main role to destroy the natural cells. Lots of illustrations and exemplary formats of technology and its major agendas showing a better way in our workplace can be taken into consideration under the umbrella of blessing and revivification in the speedy ways of society in the heavenly path of comfort hollow need. Although the number of beings supporting the idea and reforms made, created during and forecasted through the help and helping the factors of technology working prominently over time have exceeded the group of people who believe the earth is flat. Many wise and farsighted groups of intellectuals seek the effect and cause which made an intrigue and all above futuristic thought that technology is being more a curse than a blessing. Nevertheless, the prominent key factor for the workplaces to renew is to depend more upon the human intellectuals and hardly upon the artificial intellectuals controlled by the natural brains.

We have no instinct to have an exploration that could even underestimate the random thoughts opposing the true realms of our advanced technology, the widespread pervasiveness of this ubiquitous donor of this 21st century and the foreteller of forth-coming centuries in the extreme frontier of workplaces. Human intelligence has proved to be a boon for technology and its progression. So, the staple creator in the technology field cannot be overwritten by the codes of programming of its real coder that dreams in code for their fruitful outcome in the form of technology. If the donor of intelligence, then the workplace of controlled ones cannot propagate further in their power of propagation which solely reflects the resolute command over the task of numerous complexities.

Here we are blessed for the thoughts that are sustained, and in others where the curse is more prolific, technology has produced a heightened degree of crucifixion in the cunning minds of intellectuals and the previously workplaces of aversion. These technological matters have cursed the ways and abducted the time’s spirit in workplaces.

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