Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures

Part 1 Programming has changed over the years. It has gone through a rapid evolution. Yet some of the basic principles have remained constant. Primarily, the science of computing is to solve the problems using computers. TL;DRWe are going to understand fundamental relation between the computer science and the algorithms and data structures with the... » read more

Run your own video calling app on your own server

TL;DR for devs: Setting up a preconfigured Jitsi Meet image on a VPS in an apex domain. Things to own before starting this tutorial: A self owned domain name A self owned VPS or server access A self owned basic knowledge of terminal What are we going to do actually: We are going to install... » read more

From software distribution to business sales

Notes on Software Distribution from software podcast in Nepal. Go to market pipeline strategy “A go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy) is an action plan that specifies how a company will reach target customers and achieve competitive advantage.” – techtarget Normally, a startup has no go to market distribution pipeline with 100, 500 or 1000 personnels in... » read more

object detection and YOLO

Object Detection Ability to detect multiple classes of objects and identify them within a best possible concise bounding boxes in an image or video or live camera feed. There are various algorithms to achieve object detection like R-CNN, Fast R-CNN, Faster R-CNN, SSD and YOLO. For eg: let’s classify vehicles and persons in this image.... » read more

image classification and deep learning

Image – array of numbers made up of a matrix of pixels each pixel having an intensity between 0-255. A JPEG image – 3D matrix, with channels for red, green, and blue pixel intensities. For each pixel in the matrix, the intensity values across these three channels combine to create a full spectrum of colors,... » read more

How to create a bootable USB in MacOS – Ubuntu 19.10

What you need beforehand – Prerequisites Atleast 4 GB USB device – pendrive >= 4 GB size Ubuntu Desktop OS – Official Ubuntu Download Page Etcher app – Official Etcher Download Page Mac or laptop running MacOS sudo access permission. Before continuing to this tutorial, please read this important checklist as the last section of... » read more

How to setup your own Git service using Raspberry Pi?

The video tutorial of this article is publicly available in Youtube via this link. Hardware Pre-requisites: Raspberry Pi Micro SD card Internet connection Software Pre-requisites: Raspbian OS Any tool to unzip.Eg: 7zip (Linux), WinRAR (Windows), The Unarchiver (MacOS) Starter knowledge of using basic commands in Terminal. Open terminal in your Raspbian and run this command.... » read more

about the blogger

sparsh is a software engineer & tech evangelist from Nepal. he currently works at yarsa labs and supervises research & development where he leads the engineering, qa, devops and project management of android, ios and web projects with over 50 millions user base. in all other times, he works to build his venture wiredin technology. he is the creator of zyaala,... » read more

whooshes with rear bumper

A company is a car. Car owner is the Founder of company Wheels of the car are the employees of the company Fuel is the money to run the car as is company. Wheels change with time or get changed. Fuel is low or high depending on the roads taken by the car. A new... » read more

technology breeds laziness?

In this 21st era of scientific triumphs, human civilization with techno-craft advancement and sensory technologies has created numerous small global villages in a prolific manner which professes a major testimonial to the ethical and techno-development of the world community. It has always been a counteract part for the major difficulties faced by the technophiles in... » read more