Photo by Maxime Agnelli / Unsplash

A company is like a car?

opinion Oct 27, 2018

A company is a car. Car owner is the Founder of company Wheels of the car are the employees of the company Fuel is the money to run the car as is company.

Wheels change with time or get changed. Fuel is low or high depending on the roads taken by the car. A new car with it’s obviously excited new owner runs along with whatever tyres are there. Roads are bumpy and full of obstacles as long as you keep moving the car. You never know. As time passes in uneven roads, each of the wheel gets old and bored. Because sometimes there are no stops. As car gets old and roads get known, the owner understands no destiny so keeps looking the rear mirror and makes more unprecedented turns. Tyres are tired. Fuel is burning in solace and the wipers have never crossed the other side of the mirror.

Unforseeably the Owner deems a streak of light idea is asking for his attention awhile. So calls the mechanic. A mechanic checks, tests and reports. And adds a ray more. Mechanic changes wheels and replicate the tyres. Cleans mirrors and swipes up the bumpers. Owner helps a hand. Sparks the engine and drives swift ahead. From Far Away in the rear mirror, an old car pacing up waves and greets this Owner. This sees new tyres on old wheelers and wipers on the wrong side. This ignores it as a wise.

From Short Away in the windshield, the greeter whooshes with rear bumper labelled “Trust your wheels”. This so-called entrepreneur calls more mechanics.

once in a while, remember to check the engine.



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