My Toshiba has something to warn me about its internal battery reserved and its going down but I was more concerned on the date and time display. I found that it was Wednesday 4th April , 3 days after April fool day on which I remained safe, and its truly 2012 but 9:56pm +- uncertainty of human reaction time and my tortoise speed of typing.

I love to change paragraphs often.

So nothing is residing in my mind currently but one thing is sure about me and that is that. I’m totally messing up with my time every time. I know I got to be studious by now but everybody who know me know that I’m unknown to them truly because they rarely know that they know a lot about me. I am too lazy these days. It’s just that I even hate to put a full stop in my sentences. This is totally a collection of random thoughts making a huge scribbles out of my mind now. I just want to stop now. Shit! My battery reservation is red and its bloody red damn!….let my Toshiba rest in peace/ heaven for now… I’ll be back 10:05pm 2200:30 pm

! line aayo! This is the phrase that many of the Nepalese have learn to shout when the power to their homes arrive at an unfrequented time and speed. Its Nepal and we are very eager about everything. Actually load shedding finished and finally power was up in the tube light glowing in my dorm room of hostel. My one roommate is trying to sleep since I promised him that I won’t be troubling him anymore by loud music and my next junior is acting to sleep but totally messing up with his late night girlfriend. I preferred that phrase because I’m the one suffered from the situation for long hours. If you are not about marrying the girl in the near future or even having close relationship with her then I would say it is a total waste of your time and hers too; speaking late night in phone line until the cellphone battery’s down or the line is interrupted for a long time or until both agree up on the terms and condition that they have to close their eyes for now and wake up tomorrow early to run for college after having a cool bath.

This much for tonight’s jottings.. I prefer to say jottings because I’m listening music with my earphones etched in loud enough to scramble some brain cells out of order, and writing something in my secondary language in which I have not even mastered to its lower percentages. Maybe doing two difficult things for me like concentrating on each beat of the music and typing the senses generated from my cerebrum into the most sophisticated machine of 21st century, is all due to Leonardo Da Vinci as my inspirational role-model of all time and his multi-tasking ability with brilliancy inspiring me a lot. But it’s all again buffalo with black skin after all bathing in milky shower whole day. Whatever its jottings… Good night!!! 2200:45 pm

Posted at 10:21 AM Saturday, October 13, 2012

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